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    The Decisive Moment is a family of documentary photojournalists and artists with creative, unique and skilled approaches to wedding photography. Our passion is storytelling through images and capturing your unique story in it's very best light. At The Decisive Moment, we document your day as it happens. Our unobtrusive approach captures real events and genuine emotions of your wedding day, reflecting the spirit, spontaneity and interaction that is uniquely yours.
    Our photographers are Adam Linke, Jessica McGowan, Jean Shifrin, and Jason Seagle. We hope you will take some time to read more about each of them and view their work on their individual pages.

Getz Ready for More | The Decisive Moment adds more talent to their team

Atlanta Wedding Photographer Jason Getz

Jason Getz | Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

Jason Getz | Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

Originally from Jupiter, Florida and from there all over the country, Jason Getz has literally covered the map. After attending the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology (NY),  where he received a B.F.A. in Photojournalism, Jason came to Atlanta to take a job as a staff photographer with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It was a goal of his–to work at a large metropolitan newspaper and what better chance than that of the South’s biggest city?  With more than 15 years of experience working as a full-time photojournalist,he has chronicled breaking news, unpredictable weather events, spirited political moments, and fast-paced professional and collegiate sporting events. He’s also photographed numerous celebrities, including Kevin Costner, Ted Turner, Usher, and Joe Namath.  His photographs are published by the Associated Press, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, ESPN, Golf Digest, LA Times, Miami Herald, New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Tampa Tribune, Time Magazine, USA Today and Washington Post.

Jason is famous in the industry for his stellar sports shots.

120813 SEC Sweep

This was a photograph that I’ve been wanted to get for years. I finally was able to photograph the SEC championship high above in the catwalk of the Georgia Dome. It was a lot of work to get this one photograph, but it’s the perspective that makes this photograph unique.

112413 uga football

I describe this image as being in the right place, at the right time, with the right lense. On several occasions I’ve been in the right place, at the right time, with the wrong lense. To me, it’s choosing the right lense that is the hardest part about this image.

So, why weddings?

“I enjoy photographing weddings because it’s a great opportunity to capture amazing moments,” Jason says. “The excitement of the day, the romance, anticipation, traditions, families uniting, an out-pouring of love from family and friends, two becoming one, glamour, beauty, partying, and fun….this is what I look forward to when I shoot weddings.

“My own wedding day was one that I looked forward to for a long time, so I understand how important it is to have a professional, artistic, and experienced photographer to create amazing photographs worthy of the occasion,” Jason says.

His favorite event that he’s ever shot, though? …You can understand, it was covering The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. “I’ve covered five different Masters tournaments,” Jason says (as we drop our jaws with envy). “They are all unique in their own way. The lush and perfection of the course combined with the best golfers in the world playing for the green jacket creates a great opportunity to make amazing photographs.”

041513 masters sweep JG46

This is my favorite photograph from the masters. This was my fifth Masters and I’ve always wanted to capture this moment on the 18th green on Sunday. I was able to get a good moment, unfortunately it wasn’t the winning moment, but it was still a very very important moment.

Jason is unique because as a photographer, he enjoys thinking about creative ways to really capture moments. He explains it as a lot about problem solving–approaching every assignment carefully and planning out how he’s going to cover it. He’s adequately technical, using a wide range of photographic techniques like the rule of thirds, repetition, framing and perspective; but he knows those are merely tools on how to add to the moment, which is really what photography is all about.

013113 tornado

I thought this was a light and humorous moment out of a serious event. The store is destroyed… but at least the beer is safe!

082512 hero mural

When Lewis arrives and worked the spectators, greeting them individually, I knew I wanted to mimic the pose of the mural as much as possible, so it was important to photograph Lewis on his left side. I was happy with this image because I pre-visualized the type of image I wanted and got it.

“The moments of a wedding day are why wedding photographs are so appealing,” Jason says. “Being able to capture the first time the father of the bride sees his daughter, the expression on his face–that’s a special moment to me.”

When he’s not hunkered down behind a lens, you can find Jason with his wife, Ashley, at Perimeter Church, in Johns Creek, out to dinner with friends, at home cooking a delicious dinner (he’s a self-proclaimed foodie), watching movies–always up to date on the latest action flicks, or indulging in his guilty pleasure… Chocolate.   

The Ritz Carlton Buckhead Celebrates a Stylish Atlanta Couple

Ritz Carlton Buckhead Wedding | Photographed by Adam Linke & Jason Seagle

Nothing says “classic Atlanta wedding” like nuptials celebrated at The Ritz Carlton in Buckhead. Right in the heart of the city, it’s the place for fashion-fortéed families to expand their legacy in true romantic, legendary style. And, with the hotel’s new ballroom in place, there’s not a better place to begin a young couple’s new chapter.

For Ali and Alex, that was exactly what we witnessed – “A true labor of love,” Jenn Linke called it, as Ali and her mom, Dorita, selected absolutely every detail together. “The two of them have such a beautiful relationship,” Jenn adds. “You can see it in how Dorita looked at Ali and how emotional Ali was as she was getting ready. It was precious.”

That said, we absolutely cannot stop looking at the image of Ali and her mom gasping at the beautiful design of her reception and how perfect everything turned out. Their expressions capture what it looks like when you have an amazing team of vendors and they make your vision even better in reality!  With decor in the expert hands of fantastic talent Barbara Roos and the Bold American Events team pulling all the gorgeous golds and blushes together, this was a truly show-stopping affair! Lindsay Pitt with TOAST Events oversaw every aspect which allowed bride, groom and mom to truly take it all in and enjoy the night to the fullest.  This is one stunning celebration – one that we can’t get enough of, so we’re sharing our favorite shots with you!

Barbara Roos | Bold American at Ritz-Carlton Buckhead

Barbara Roos | Bold American at Ritz-Carlton Buckhead

Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Wedding

Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Wedding

Ritz Carlton Buckhead | TOAST Events | Event Performance | Bold American Events | Kristen Hargrove | The Moore Agency | Wages Films 

Megan + Tim | A Greystone Wedding at Piedmont Park

From Kickball to Kick-starting a New Life Together

A Peachtree Presbyterian and Piedmont Park, Greystone Wedding

Photography by  Jessica McGowan and Jason Seagle.

Greystone Wedding

Megan & Tim | Wedding at Greystone, Piedmont Park.

Don’t you just love hearing a fun love story? That’s how we felt when we met Megan and Tim – two really fun people who found their own kindred (fun) feelings on the kickball field.  In fact, the game must have been a good one, because they decided to make it official back at the scene of the crime with a Greystone Wedding in Piedmont Park.
The ceremony was beautiful, the surroundings both breathtaking and elegant at Peachtree Presbyterian Church. Outside, the storm clouds were rolling in. Lead photographer Jes says, “Even the good vibrations inside the church couldn’t keep the rain away but, it didn’t phase them. The happy couple was more concerned about having a good time and making sure their guests were having a good time too.”
As the on-lookers from behind the lens, it’s pretty obvious that this group of friends and family knew exactly how much the bride and groom appreciated their guests sharing this special day with them. In fact, their positive outlook even delivered a compromise from Mother Nature – with a beautiful, post-rain skyline shot that we could sneak the couple outside to capture.
“My favorite part is that both sides of the family already seemed like best of friends,” Jes says. The moms were practically inseperable and joyfully emotional throughout the entire celebration. It is always so much fun to document a family that has that kind of connection and joyful spirit!
Thank you Megan + Tim for letting us capture your wonderful story!

Barnsley Gardens Resort Wedding |Olivia + Billy

Romantic in the raindrops

Romantic in the raindrops

I have to admit that I was still swooning over Olivia and Billy’s uber romantic rainy day engagement session when this wedding came along.  The wedding could not have been a more perfect continuation of their romantic story!  Olivia has a beautiful elegance about her and paired with the dreamy setting of Barnsley Gardens Resort this wedding took the swooning to a whole new level!

This NY-based couple wanted  a celebration that would embrace the southern elegance found inside the walls of breathtaking Barnsley Resort–rolling acres of lush vegetation, bright gardens and rustic architecture. With their color palette of deep oranges and reds on top of ivory tones, they got just that – something effortless and fun that demanded their guests’ attention and evoked a sense of enviable romance. And when you’re documenting love, romance and families coming together – that’s something timeless and fun for us, too. 

We couldn’t wait to share our favorite images from this one – Enjoy your own sneak peek below!

Barnsley Gardens Resort wedding details ofthe ruins
Bridal Portrait at Barnsley Gardens Resort wedding
Barnsley Gardens Resort wedding outdoor ceremony
Destination Weddings at Barnsley Garden Resort
Barnsley Gardens resort wedding outdoor reception first dance
Atlanta Wedding Photojournalism The Decisive Moment
Cupcake Wedding Cake Barnsley Garden Resort wedding ideas
Horse drawn Carriage at Barnsley Gardens Resort
Horse carriage wedding exit



Our own Shutter-Bugg | The Decisive Moment’s Melissa Bugg

Melissa Bugg

Melissa Bugg | Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

Melissa Bugg | Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

What do you get when you combine Coca-Cola, folk music, antiques and all things furry, especially Muppets? The answer’s only obvious to us, because we know the one and only Melissa Bugg.

An Atlanta resident for almost 20 years, she’s the newest shooter to join our team at The Decisive Moment. We know you can tell she’s got a fun, unique personality by the list of her favorites above, but we have so much to add to that as we introduce our fans to her.

Bugg has been a professional photographer since she was earning her Fine Arts degree in college. From her beginnings with her hometown newspaper to her technical expertise polished with years in managing professional photo labs, studios and post production teams, she’s got a side to her brain that most creative minds envy. But, why weddings?

“With my experience at the newspaper, combining photojournalism with fine art, I was naturally pulled towards shooting weddings,” Bugg says. “Not only could I artfully capture quiet moments, but I could record the action of the day without actually being a part of it.”

“I love weddings!” she says. “I cry at engagements. I am honored when I get to be a part of a couple’s first day together. Really, I’m just a sucker for love… a true love bugg.

Bugg, who’s been married nine years herself, is someone who keeps the importance of family close to her heart. It’s obvious in the way she lights up talking about her husband, her sister, the special kids in her life, her parents and even the memory of her grandparents (whom she calls, some of ‘the greatest loves of her life’). That’s what makes her such a valuable photographer when it comes to wedding day photojournalism.

“Anyone who knows me, knows how important family and friends are to me,” she reiterates. “I understand the gravity of taking pictures of a wedding. The only things I have left from most of my grandparents are pictures. I understand I’m creating a family legacy – something that will be shared for generations.”

What we understand, is how lucky we are to have this sweet-minded, technically sound, super talented lady on our team. And to show it off, we asked Bugg to pick some of her all-time favorite (non wedding) shots from her career–a visual answer to what makes her, her. Enjoy!

To view Melissa Bugg’s wedding portfolio CLICK HERE!

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