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At the Decisive Moment we believe that working as a team brings our clients the very best in every aspect of their wedding. This approach ensures that each step of the process is handled with care and expertise. Our studio director focuses on you and your planning, from creating a custom package to organizing shot lists and timelines with you & your coordinator. Our photographers have the sole responsibility of concentrating on their greatest skill, artfully and unobtrusively documenting your story. Our full time editor focuses on her greatest talent - enhancing, editing and delivering your images in an organized and timely manner. Our album designer works with you one on one to create a breathtaking heirloom piece with your images. By working together we can deliver our best making every aspect of your experience with us a flawless one.



“I love photojournalism because it is a concrete way to capture a singular emotional moment in time and preserve it forever. I love capturing life in a singular frame."



"I observe, wait and capture the true moment unfolding. It’s that instance that a subject forgets about the camera where you find the real person."



"Photography isn't just my job. It's my blood. My oxygen. I can't separate myself from it."



Every ensemble needs a conductor and Jenn is the mastermind keeping our group in tune! She has been leading The Decisive Moment since 2005 with fierce dedication and unrelenting artistic vision.

Her love of people makes her a perfect fit as a concierge to our clients, guiding them from first inquiry through to the completion of their album. "It is a huge honor to create a visual record for families, to tell their stories and document these moments - they are trusting us with their legacy."

This Queen Bee of marketing, management and company mojo has a soft spot for all things wedding and is admittedly the first to cry during all our slideshows.

Jenn is married to our Signature photographer, Adam Linke and they have 3 wild and crazy little ones. Outside the studio she can be found playing with her kiddos, playing tennis, singing a musical at the top of her lungs or planning a new adventure.


post production

Melissa, our resident photoshop goddess, is a photographer by education but an artist by design. Her craft is post production editing and she handles our images on their journey from camera to presentation. With over two decades of experience in post production Mel brings incredible skill and artistry to her work. Her passion is evident in the amazing slideshows she crafts for each client - a gorgeous display of the images that receive her utmost time and attention. Her style and expertise exemplify our dedication to creating timeless, classic photography that will be relevant for a lifetime.

Melissa is truly a storyteller at heart and a perfectionist by nature. She works hand in hand with each of the photographers to take their beautiful work to the next level and presents a gorgeous, organized, and unforgettable collection of images to each client in a timely manner.

When not editing images, this adoring wife and proud mama can be found scooting around ATL with her boys, hanging pool side or always on the search for antique mid mod furniture to restore.

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With over a decade of experience documenting wedding celebrations, they have built a legacy of creating timeless images for couples and families. The Decisive Moment is a team of seasoned photojournalists and curators who work together to deliver an exceptional experience.