Henri Cartier-Bresson; (August 22, 1908 – August 3, 2004) was a French humanist photographer considered a master of candid photography. He pioneered the genre of street photography and conceived of photography as capturing a decisive moment. His work has influenced many photographers. (thank you: Wikepedia)


We believe that an unobtrusive approach allows us to document your wedding day in a beautifully authentic way! Our greatest hope is that you will almost forget our cameras are there and simply enjoy every aspect of your celebration. As you fully experience your day, we focus on capturing the real moments and genuine emotions that naturally make it so magical. When is is time to create artistic portraits of the couple, wedding party and families we do so creatively, respectfully and efficiently. Our goal is to deliver a stunning collection of storytelling moments, beautiful portraits and the delicious details of your wedding celebration.


Each of our photographers has extensive experience, not only in weddings but in many avenues of photography. From photojournalism work for newspapers and magazines to editorial assignments, corporate events, music and marketing shoots to concerts and fine art. Each of our photographer’s unique backgrounds adds to their individual style.


You can learn about each photographer’s journey in their bios but our best advice is to take a look at their portfolios to see whose work speaks to you!


• The hours of coverage you need with the # of photographers appropriate for your event.

• Our Signature editing and retouching by our expert in house editing team.

• A Beautiful online gallery to share as you wish where clients and guests can order direct.

• An album or book of your choosing

We offer a variety of gorgeous albums & books to choose from. We feel it is SO important to have a physical presentation of the investment you made in beautiful photography. We take great pride in the images we create and want them to have a life beyond the thumb drive they are stored on.

• Custom Album Design Process

Work one on one with our designer to create a timeless album or book design.

• A Digital Passport

Upon completion of our Signature editing work, clients can download all their images from the cloud. A USB is also included with your finished album.

* You can also complete your package with any of the following: engagement, bridal or day after sessions, rehearsal dinner coverage, parent & grandparent albums, prints, art prints and canvases.

Questions & Answers

Q. How many photographers do I need?


A. For weddings with 125 - 250 guests, we recommend two photographers. We offer single photographer packages for more intimate weddings and multiple photographer packages for celebrations with 300+ attending. Every wedding is unique, so we would love to create a custom package to fit your specific event.

Q. Do you travel?


A. In Short - We haven’t been everywhere - but it’s on our list! We would love to be a part of your destination celebration or document your event even if Atlanta is not home. We simply ask that you cover airfare, hotel and local transportation. We are happy to make all the arrangements so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Q. How much coverage do you recommend?


A. Our hope is to tell the full story of your wedding day. We recommend the photographer arrive near the tail end of getting ready and stay through the formal exit. It is so important to schedule enough photography coverage to have a relaxed and comfortable timeline on your wedding day. That way, we can tell your story completely and authentically, without the worry of rushing through photos because of short coverage times. Plus, we have found that we do our best work when we are given the time and space to be creative.

Q. What do you need from us?


A. The most helpful items are an excellent timeline and a list of desired formals. We work with our couples and planners to create both of these things well in advance. We find that by building a clear framework for the day it allows our clients to relax and let the day and the moments flow naturally. We can discuss any special circumstances, desired shots and creative ideas beforehand so that we arrive at the day fully prepared. We do not need a basic shot list as we have extensive experience capturing all the key moments and everything in between. We do ask that you let us know about any special plans, unique celebrations or unusual details planned for your wedding day!

Q. How do I reserve my date with you?


A. To book us for your date, we simply need a signed contract plus a retainer payment of 50%, either by check or with a credit card in our secure online system. The final balance is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

Q. What about rehearsal dinner?


A. We LOVE starting off a wedding weekend with Rehearsal Dinner Coverage! Why? Well, it is a wonderful, relaxed evening where we can get some great images while getting to know you, your fabulous family and your closest friends! It gives us great insight into who you are, who the key players are in your celebration and how everyone interacts. The very BEST part is the toasts, roasts and heartfelt speeches that get amazing reactions! Rehearsal dinner is the beginning of the celebration and often the first time everyone from near and far is reunited. So give it some thought... you won’t regret it!

Q. Who is my second photographer?


A. Your second photographer is a highly skilled professional photojournalist from our Decisive Moment team. Many of our photographers have worked together for the better part of a decade and it shows in their cohesive work. We assign the 2nd closer to the wedding date based on multiple factors including availabilty, as many of them travel extensively as photojournalists.

Q. How many images do we get? How long do we have to wait?


A. An eight hour wedding with two photographers will result in roughly 800 to 1200 final images after culling and editing. We remove anything unflattering, highly repetitious, where someone blinked or where Uncle George walked in front of our shot. If we remove it - there is a reason. After culling and basic editing we give a large collection of favorites even more of our loving attention to make them look their absolute best. Because we have a full time editing team - we promise to deliver your images within 4 weeks of your wedding day. We try to provide a few sneak peeks along the way and do the big reveal with a fabulous slideshow.

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With over a decade of experience documenting wedding celebrations, they have built a legacy of creating timeless images for couples and families. The Decisive Moment is a team of seasoned photojournalists and curators who work together to deliver an exceptional experience.