Omar and Erika at Atlantic Station…

Omar and Erika recently relocated to Atlanta from New York  and for their wedding wanted to show their guests a real ATLANTA time!

How fitting then that they decided on The Millennium Gate at Atlantic Station for their ceremony, and Twelve at Atlantic Station for their reception.  This is NEW Atlanta, modern, fun and oh so classy!

Omar and Erika found a fabulous way to showcase their favorite parts of their new hometown!  And how fun to be there with them as they celebrated!

Mikki Harris wrote me after the wedding saying  “wanted to mention that the wedding party for the Esposito wedding – including Omar – truly enjoyed themselves as they came down the aisle. I could feel their joy and excitement, and worked my hardest to capture it. Omar (the groom) applauded as he walked down the aisle, while the groomsmen and the bridesmaids had fun!”

I think both Jenni and Mikki did a great job of capturing all the joy and excitement of this day!  Thank you all!!

Click HERE to see the whole slideshow!








Photography by: The Decisive Moment

Ceremony location:  The Millennium Gate Museum

Reception Location:  Twelve at Atlantic Station

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Atlanta, GA


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