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You probably wouldn’t assume that someone with ties to the Japanese Imperial Family would call Georgia “home,” but that’s exactly how our bride Erina feels about Atlanta. Like many of us “Atlantans,” Travis and Erina call Atlanta home despite being born elsewhere. So, they picked a classic Atlanta landmark to bring friends and family from all over to celebrate with their Georgian Terrace Wedding!

Erina says, “Our ideal wedding is one that everyone walks away from with the union of our marriage being at the forefront or their minds. The most important people to us will all be gathered in one room to help us celebrate our marriage and the beginning of our lives together. That could have been done anywhere, but there is something about the Georgian Terrace Ballroom that screams southern tradition. The details are just details for the day, the marriage is til death do us part.”  Victoria Brown of  Creme de le Chic took care of ever detail so that the focus was truly on Erina and Travis!
This couple’s rich history extends beyond the Dixie borders, all the way across the world, actually, to Japan. At the ceremony, the couple performed a traditional Japanese ceremony called the San-San-Kudo, a sake drinking tradition. The set they used is a family heirloom, in part a gift to my Great Aunt from the Imperial family of Japan and displays the crest of the Imperial family.
In continuing with fun stories about this couple, the Bride’s parents who met in graduate school over three decades ago performed The Lord’s Prayer during the ceremony. The officiant was the same who married them those 30 years ago (her Uncle Doug, to be exact). Lastly (but not least), even the cake topper has some family history–it’s the bride’s grandparent’s cake topper from their wedding in the 40’s!
“Everything about Adam’s work makes my heart melt,” Erina said when she first met with us. We say, this slideshow of our favorites has the same effect on us!
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