Megan + Tim | A Greystone Wedding at Piedmont Park

From Kickball to Kick-starting a New Life Together

A Peachtree Presbyterian and Piedmont Park, Greystone Wedding

Photography by  Jessica McGowan and Jason Seagle.

Greystone Wedding

Megan & Tim | Wedding at Greystone, Piedmont Park.

Don’t you just love hearing a fun love story? That’s how we felt when we met Megan and Tim – two really fun people who found their own kindred (fun) feelings on the kickball field.  In fact, the game must have been a good one, because they decided to make it official back at the scene of the crime with a Greystone Wedding in Piedmont Park.
The ceremony was beautiful, the surroundings both breathtaking and elegant at Peachtree Presbyterian Church. Outside, the storm clouds were rolling in. Lead photographer Jes says, “Even the good vibrations inside the church couldn’t keep the rain away but, it didn’t phase them. The happy couple was more concerned about having a good time and making sure their guests were having a good time too.”
As the on-lookers from behind the lens, it’s pretty obvious that this group of friends and family knew exactly how much the bride and groom appreciated their guests sharing this special day with them. In fact, their positive outlook even delivered a compromise from Mother Nature – with a beautiful, post-rain skyline shot that we could sneak the couple outside to capture.
“My favorite part is that both sides of the family already seemed like best of friends,” Jes says. The moms were practically inseperable and joyfully emotional throughout the entire celebration. It is always so much fun to document a family that has that kind of connection and joyful spirit!
Thank you Megan + Tim for letting us capture your wonderful story!

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