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Melissa Bugg

Melissa Bugg | Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

Melissa Bugg | Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

What do you get when you combine Coca-Cola, folk music, antiques and all things furry, especially Muppets? The answer’s only obvious to us, because we know the one and only Melissa Bugg.

An Atlanta resident for almost 20 years, she’s the newest shooter to join our team at The Decisive Moment. We know you can tell she’s got a fun, unique personality by the list of her favorites above, but we have so much to add to that as we introduce our fans to her.

Bugg has been a professional photographer since she was earning her Fine Arts degree in college. From her beginnings with her hometown newspaper to her technical expertise polished with years in managing professional photo labs, studios and post production teams, she’s got a side to her brain that most creative minds envy. But, why weddings?

“With my experience at the newspaper, combining photojournalism with fine art, I was naturally pulled towards shooting weddings,” Bugg says. “Not only could I artfully capture quiet moments, but I could record the action of the day without actually being a part of it.”

“I love weddings!” she says. “I cry at engagements. I am honored when I get to be a part of a couple’s first day together. Really, I’m just a sucker for love… a true love bugg.

Bugg, who’s been married nine years herself, is someone who keeps the importance of family close to her heart. It’s obvious in the way she lights up talking about her husband, her sister, the special kids in her life, her parents and even the memory of her grandparents (whom she calls, some of ‘the greatest loves of her life’). That’s what makes her such a valuable photographer when it comes to wedding day photojournalism.

“Anyone who knows me, knows how important family and friends are to me,” she reiterates. “I understand the gravity of taking pictures of a wedding. The only things I have left from most of my grandparents are pictures. I understand I’m creating a family legacy – something that will be shared for generations.”

What we understand, is how lucky we are to have this sweet-minded, technically sound, super talented lady on our team. And to show it off, we asked Bugg to pick some of her all-time favorite (non wedding) shots from her career–a visual answer to what makes her, her. Enjoy!

To view Melissa Bugg’s wedding portfolio CLICK HERE!

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