It’s All About the Brides at King Plow Arts Center

Belinda + Danielle

King Plow Arts Center Wedding

140406sandalon-kochOur industry’s greatest pride is a recommendation from a past bride and groom. Belinda and Danielle got the scoop on our team from one of our most memorable brides, Ali Arnold. And we’ll say it again (while blushing)… that telling your friends to use us is truly the greatest compliment we could ever ask for. …Of course, it’s also awesome when that new couple is as much fun as these two.
Belinda and Danielle, both donned in big smiles and beautiful white dresses, tied the knot at the elegantly rustic King Plow Arts Center. Already unique, you can guess that when you’ve got two blushing babes planning the same wedding, that tremendously memorable details would ensue. You’d be right. The two had a close friend, and college professor, officiate the ceremony. They walked down the aisle, together with their parents. Their siblings stood in support as close friends lit candles on the altar and one of their mutually closest friends sang as everything began. It was a truly special moment, for them of course, but also for us to be a part of.
The two described their dreams for this big day as something they  “hope that everyone feels a lot of love in, and has the best night. We want for people to feel like they don’t want to leave.”  With the decor and menu expertly designed by Bold American Events, a good time was indeed had by all!
Such a sweet couple and fun celebration, we can’t speak for everyone, but we sure had a blast. Check out the party here captured by Jessica McGowan and Melissa Bugg!
Notable Vendors | Venue: King Plow Arts Center | Planner: A Big To Do Event | Catering and Decor: Bold American Events

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