Stephanie + Brett | A Stunning Georgian Terrace Wedding

I was blown away to receive this review today!  As I read the words, I literally had chills from head to toe because THIS IS WHAT WE LOVE TO DO and reading a review like this confirms that every step of the process is OH SO WORTH IT!  This beautiful Georgian Terrace Wedding was photographed by Melissa Bugg and Jason Getz.  The day was skillfully managed by Erica Pruitt of A Big To Do Event, flowers by the AMAZING ladies of Tulip and delightfully iced by Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet!

We adored this couple and their darling families and are so very thankful to have been a part of this stunning celebration!

Mrs. Stephanie Marcus said… 

“Look nowhere else, if you want amazing pictures you must book The Decisive Moment! Their pictures speak for themselves. My family and friends can’t get over our pictures and I’ve heard multiple times that our pictures are the best they’ve ever seen. Jen was great to work with and was able to fit our package to meet our budget. Our main photographer was Melissa Bugg-she is awesome!! Not only is she friendly, bubbly and easy to get along with, but also she takes the most beautiful pictures! We let her know what kinds of pictures we wanted and didn’t want and she performed seamlessly. She was flexible, blended in the background to truly capture the best candids that show the most emotion, and showed up early to really get a feel for everything. I can’t say enough about The Decisive Moment-they are great!!”The Georgian Terrace Wedding

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