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Everyone has a different journey to finding their passion. Adam’s passion for photography didn’t start behind the camera. He spent years working and training as an actor and spent much of his time on the other side of the lens. After years of acting in soap opera’s, commercials, and on stage, Adam officially switched to the other side of the camera. What followed was a decade of learning and being mentored by some of the best in the industry, including LaCour’s Andrew and Rachel Niesen, Mark Adams and our very own Jean Shifrin.


The biggest advantage of Adam’s training as an actor, is a deep understanding of the human condition and a keen eye for capturing that emotion on film. “I love photojournalism because it is a concrete way to capture a singular emotional moment in time and preserve it forever. I love capturing life in a singular frame. When I document a wedding, there is more to the story than just covering the major points. The real story is in the details. There are so many little moments that are unique to each wedding! Paying close attention to the individual personalities at every wedding, helps me capture the significance of that little smirk over the shoulder, or that look that means a thousand words.”

Adam's work centers around his passion for people, connection and emotion. His work is also greatly enhanced by his fascination and understanding of the technical aspects of photography. The combination of his technical skill and his adept emotional radar result in images with deep emotion and beautiful light. When not documenting weddings this Minnesota native can be found spending his time with wife, Jenn and their three adorable kiddos! He is an avid hockey player, wakeboarder and Big Green "Eggspert".


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With over a decade of experience documenting wedding celebrations, they have built a legacy of creating timeless images for couples and families. The Decisive Moment is a team of seasoned photojournalists and curators who work together to deliver an exceptional experience.