Jason Seagle – Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

Jason Seagle – Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

Photography has been central to Jason’s life for over 20 years. He is technically trained in fine art photography and has a background in photojournalism. He is drawn to the medium both for its aesthetic and storytelling qualities. “For me, photography has always been about experiencing the moment, engaging with people, telling a story and producing quality results. It is incredibly gratifying when all of the technical, spacial and emotional elements needed for a good image come together. More than that, I think photography is about constantly challenging yourself to find new perspective. Just as important as focusing on the details is stepping back and seeing the wider context, then looking for a way to convey that with depth, meaning and creativity. My goal is to produce images that people will value for generations to come and be proud to share with their friends and family.” In addition to photography, Jason studied anthropology and went on to earn his master’s degree in international development. He’s been working overseas in the humanitarian sector for most of the last decade, always with camera in tow. His photographs from these experiences have been published in National Geographic Explorer, Reuters, the Financial Times and by a number of international aid agencies. His work from South Sudan has been featured in fundraising and awareness initiatives in the US, UK and Ireland. One image was recently selected to be broadcast every hour for three months in Times Square in New York.


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