jessica mcgowen

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"I photograph with the eye of a photojournalist. People often wonder what that means, and the short answer is that it is telling a story with images to document a slice of life. It’s not a story about me as an artist, but the story of the subject (or subjects) in front of the camera. I observe, wait and capture the true moment unfolding. It’s that instance that a subject forgets about the camera where you find the real person."Jessica received her B.A. in photojournalism from the University of Georgia and followed her passion photographing everything from presidents Obama, Bush and Carter to hip-hop stars Outkast & T.I to the Georgia floods and a leprosy hospital in Vietnam. Her images are frequently seen in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Getty Images, Chicago Tribune and a number of media sources. When not behind the lens, you may find Jessica playing tennis, swinging kettle bells, listening to NPR at an unnaturally loud volume or walking her dog Greta in Grant Park.


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Atlanta, GA


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