A Vineyard Wedding

We have had such a fantastic and busy late summer/fall here at the DM!! That is no excuse for my lack of blogging! I have had several gentle reminders that more blogging is in order…. so I’m going to do better….really I am. I will become a blogger!

So, on that note here is a beautiful wedding that Adam captured recently at Crane Creek Vineyards. Carrie and Ryan are a fantastic couple and it is easy to see from thier images how they feel about each other! Have a look at our slideshow from their beautiful day!

“Thanks so much!! These are absolutely wonderful!!! Adam did such a good job and both of you were so easy to work with!! Again, thank you for doing such great work… we didn’t even have to worry for a second about our pictures turning out… we knew we were in good hands!” Carrie Hood

Also, check out http://www.thewoodbrothers.com Oliver and his band played at the reception and Adam said they were absolutely fantastic – they brought a wide array of instruments to the wedding including a chicken coop – yes I just referred to a chicken coop as an instrument.

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