Its the little things!

It is amazing to me how much thought and effort goes into planning a wedding. I say this not only as I reflect on my own wedding planning but as I watch each of our couples get closer and closer to their big day! There are the major decisions such as the date, location, food, music and of course the photographer. But then……. there are the little things.

Its the little things that really add that extra bit of sparkle and style to an event. The little details that make your celebration uniquely yours!
At one of our recent weddings the M.O.B. (mother of bride) pulled out all the stops as she provided some really fabulous little details! The fun part is that she loved it so much she is thinking about turning her talents in to a bit more of a full time passion!
Joyce did an amazing job metalworking these sterling silver tussie mussies for the flowers and making the beautiful ring bearer pillow to match the theme of the wedding!
Jean and Adam loved photographing every detail!

Joyce Albers can be contacted about her work at [email protected]
“My mother calls these tussie mussies and they date back to the Victorian period. I think they’re so charming and after the wedding really become a family heirloom…I’m so proud of her talent.”

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