Tussie Mussies!

Here is a more in depth description of the “tussie mussies” we blogged about below! What a fantastic little detail and treasure!

Tussie Mussies are precious little nosegays of delightfully fragrant flowers and herbs. They first came into use in the 16th century when they were needed to mask the many unpleasant scents of everyday life.

By the Victorian era, they had evolved from useful tools to highly prized and fashionable accessories. This was the peak of their popularity, and artists made them from materials as simple as woven straw to luxurious gem studded gold. But their use never changed; they still provided a breath of fresh air to those who carried them.

Often the first gift a man gave his fiancé, they were immediately put to use. Imagine courting in the 1800’s when a favorite thing of many couples was riding through the park in horse drawn carriages. Think of it — many couples, many carriages, and many horses — horses doing what horses must do. The stench must have been awful. And that’s when the ladies put their noses into the fragrant little bunches of flowers held together by elegant and beautiful tussie mussies.

The fabulous sterling silver tussie mussie pictured above was made by Joyce Albers for her daughter Anna’s wedding. They were carried by both the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. Joyce can be contacted about her work at [email protected]

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