A Great Love Story…

I was struck recently by the amazing love story of Charla Gottschalk and Tim Seif….

I think it is best in Charla’s own words that she wrote before the wedding to tell us about their story….

First a little background…Tim and I met in May 2007. My best friend at work is also Tim’s neighbor. David (he’s a groomsman in our wedding) kept telling both us that we needed to meet. Neither one of us wanted to meet someone. However, our schedules finally coordinated and we met for lunch. I think we were both guarded at first due to previous relationships but in spite of ourselves, our relationship grew. He is a pilot for Continental, and I’m an auditor for Bank of America. With both of our schedules, we weren’t seeing very much of each other, at least when we weren’t both completely exhausted. That soon changed. On August 31, 2007, I was involved in a car accident that I’m still recovering from due to a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The blessing was that exactly a week before my accident; we had said “I love you”. We had already taken that next step before my accident. Our love hasn’t been a question through all of this. Over the course of months and now a year and a half, Tim has attended hours of doctors’ visits, physical therapy, speech therapy, and Biofeedback with me. I guess you can say that we have tested the “in sickness and in health” side of things. Needless to say, we see a lot more of each other when Tim is off from work since I haven’t been able to return to work yet. Good things do come out of bad situations. We’ve had the chance to experience more than what some people experience during a lifetime of marriage. We’ve been able to see how we both react in good times and in bad. We find joy in the simple things such as USA Today crosswords at Starbucks, grocery store trips and working out together. He is so special and such an answer to prayers.

This is why we love weddings, amazing stories live in each one!!

Here are a few of Jessica McGowan’s photos from their special day….Click HERE to see the whole slideshow!





Photography by: The Decisive Moment

Ceremony Location: Meyers Park UMC, Charlotte

Reception Location:  Doubletree Hotel, Charlotte


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