So what is with the umbrellas??

So, I consider myself to be a good southern girl, up on many southern traditions and “isms” that pop up at our weddings.

But this one got me.  I have seen it twice this year…and I was calling it “the New Orleans Umbrella dance-y thing”

But after seeing it at Leslie and Alex’s wedding, (and they were just so cute and happy, and it is so darn pretty!) I did a little research to find out…SO what is with the umbrellas??

Turns out it is called The Second Line Parade, and it IS from New Orleans!

The Second Line parade.  Virtually every wedding in the New Orleans area has some form of a Second Line (many don’t fit the strict definition of a Second Line, but to keep things simple, the term is broadly used).  In its most basic form, the DJ or band will play that universally recognized (in New Orleans at least!) Second Line song, and everyone dances in a line around the venue waving napkins in the air.

How fun, right?  I love the different family and cultural traditions that people bring to their weddings!  Thank you Leslie and Alex, for making me a little smarter today.  🙂

To check out the full slideshow by Jessica McGowan and Mikki Harris click HERE.




Photography by:  The Decsive Moment

Ceremony Location:  Cathedral of Christ The King

Reception Location: The Biltmore

Coordinator:  The Wedding Box Atlanta

Florist: Event Design Group

Caterer:  Endive Fine Catering

Cake: Celso’s Bakery

Band: Crystal Clear Band

Videographer: SCG Productions

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Atlanta, GA


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