When the rain comes…..

As I watched the clouds roll in today I thought about our weddings this weekend and wondered what rain plans were being rolled out.  These last minute adjustments can throw a monkey wrench in the best laid plans but sometimes…. it works out better than you could ever imagine!  We found ourselves in the midst of the grandest rain plan we have ever seen earlier this summer!  The best part was that our fabulous couple, Elizabeth and Chad, didn’t miss a beat and were all smiles despite the new plans!  The setting… The gorgeous Sea Island Resort!  The problem… Tropical depression Beryl was quickly approaching!  We were witness to an amazing transformation that had never been done at this famous resort before!  The Grand Lobby was transformed into a picture perfect setting for an incredibly gorgeous wedding!  There are rain plans… and then there are rain plans!

The Calm Before The Storm

The Calm Before The Storm

The Grand Lobby Before & After!

Photography:  Adam Linke and Jean Shifrin of The Decisive Moment

Venue:  Sea Island – The Cloister

The Amazing Band that made for one incredible reception: Party on the Moon!!!

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