Maury and Ed

We have SO much to be thankful here at The Decisive Moment.  As we reflect on this past year we are filled with gratitude for the work that we get to create!  We have an amazing opportunity as professional storytellers to document the lives of our clients. We have a very unique window to a very special moment in a family’s history as we are asked to document a new chapter in their lives.

So often we learn about and get to know the family, the dynamics that shaped the couple and the foundations that have been set for them to build on.  Casual observers may just see a photo, for example, of the mother of the bride – we see a friend we have come to know through the planning process, a best friend to her daughter and the rock of the support system that has shaped this bride into an amazing young woman.  There is a legacy of love, dedication and strength reflected in that image.

What better example of this than the festivities surrounding the wedding of Maury and Ed.  It was a weekend that reminded us why we love what we do here at the Decisive Moment.  The couple started the festivities with a rehearsal dinner at Parish Foods & Goods, dining at estate tables surrounded by laughter, stories and of course, amazing food. This beautiful evening set the tone for a celebration truly focused on love and family.

The wedding ceremony took place in the courtyard of the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and the reception was held in the Great Hall. Friends and family dined and danced among the dinosaurs and under the stars shining through the glass ceiling 86 feet above.  Maury and Ed’s weekend was, indeed, one for the history books for its beautiful joining of two families.  We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to document this loving family and this beautiful union!


Photography: Adam Linke and Will Godfrey of The Decisive Moment

Rehearsal Venue : Parish 

Ceremony: Fernbank Museum of Natural History 

Flowers: Tulip

Coordinator: Susan Pando Weddings 

Caterer: Affairs to Remember 

Officiant: John Richardson



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