Jenni + Mike – The Art of Romance

When the wedding season adopted it’s latest thematic last year, we didn’t realize we’d be able to set the bar for the motif ourselves. Luckily, fashionista Jenni Williams and her beau Mike Colosimo were one of the first to grab hold of that “Old Hollywood-era glam,” bring it to life for their guests and choose us to shoot it.

That meant we got a first-lens look at the delicate lace details dipped in warm, romantic pin spots, the centerfold of dramatic drapery that took over the room and the weaving together of soft rosy florals, vintage family heirlooms and sparkling candlelight. Most of all – it meant the first time we’d get to shoot at Mason Murer Fine Art, a modern museum of semi-local talent that gave the backdrop to this love story something that was exclusively “them.”

Jes McGowan (who was taking notes for her own big day that was just weeks after) took the reigns on this one, a shooter the bride picked out herself after seeing a handful of her work that jumped out as just her style. Jenni is an artist herself, so it was important that she have someone snapping what she would have thought to snap. That’s Jes.

In fact, the chemistry was mutual, because Jes says, “Besides being a fun couple, the details and decor were amazing and in a style that I really enjoy personally.”

She remembers the fete as a mix of elegant and romantic vintage, wrapped in family love – which was edified by the fact that Jenni’s grandfather sang a song from his own wedding as she came down the aisle. (Imagine the tears!).

“Jenni and Mike were easy-going and had a lot of style,” Jes remembers. “Honestly, they were a couple that I felt I could hang out with for a drink. They are memorable because of how sweet they were together. It seemed like the perfect combination of love and friendship.”

The bride says this is exactly what made them a good team. She and her groom dated for a (what they call) quick seven years before deciding it was time. Their relationship was balanced and fun, which was how they wanted guests at their wedding to feel – of course, as long as that meant just plain having a good time.

And where for many of the guests that meant round after round on the dance floor, Jes says, “For me, the best moment of the wedding was the first look between the couple. Jenni was so nervous and Mike seemed cool as a cucumber – until he saw Jenni! The only people who mattered in that moment were the two of them, and that is a true reflection of people in love. That moment where their arms were entwined together and they looked at each other with such love was worth more than the fancy dress, decorations or beautiful venue.”

A hunch? They’d totally agree. But those said details and beautiful venue are worth taking a look at.


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