Lindsay + Benjamin – Wedding St. Regis Atlanta.

Wedding St. Regis Atlanta first dance in the ballroom. Photographed by The Decisive Moment.

It was pretty obvious that this was going to be the most sentimental ceremony of the year as soon as the groom got a glimpse of his bride at the reveal. Wait, actually, the tears started when his bride-to-be passed a note before the reveal – one that sat the groom down and had him wiping his eyes and taking deep breaths before we even geared up for the big reveal.

The bride also gifted her dad with a similar token – a reminder that although she’s grown up, she’s still his little girl. All of this emotion and sweet sentiments led lead photographer Adam Linke to name it, “the best reveal of the year.” It’s hard to capture a raw emotion like that and be able to describe it to someone else, for one. But, the fact that Adam could get just how overwhelmed Ben was with joy and love, that friends is an entirely other feat altogether.

It’s certainly in part to Adam’s photojournalistic background and natural, subtle-shooter style—But in fact that’s a signature part to The Decisive Moment experience overall, one that tells the whole story of that day, rather than simply documenting different smiles.

“I loved seeing his face when he read my note,” Lindsay says, since I didn’t get to see that in person. “I love that the pictures we have totally showcase the real emotion we felt. The best part for me was after the wedding, waiting to see our photo preview. I couldn’t remember either of the photographers taking any pictures, because they were so candid, genuine and not ‘in my face.’ I got to enjoy our day, unstaged, and have REAL photos to share forever.”

Benjamin Morrison, the sweet and soulful sap we’re showing off, and his lovely bride Lindsay Meyer held their festivities at the glamorous St. Regis hotel in Buckhead. 200 black-tie donned guests of friends and family met, celebrated, ate and danced in an unmatched ambiance drenched with silky blacks, whites and a little bit of sparkle.

Not a detail was left off the checklist, meaning the cake made us drop our jaws, the music made us drop our jaws and yes, even the way Lindsay and her father entertained guests with their own twist on the father-daughter dance (one that left even Adam in stitches!) made us drop our jaws. In our opinion – it was true St. Regis style for two truly in love people.

“They were a fun, happy couple that really loved their reception,” Adam says, in closing, comparing them to beloved TV couple Ross and Rachel. “They just really enjoyed celebrating with the people they cared about!”

Even the bride admitted to it. “My favorite part about the wedding was… everything,” Lindsay said. “But, if I had to pick one thing, it would be having all of my friends and family in one room – there’s nothing like that feeling.”





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