Rain… Rain… Not so Bad

We can get real for a second and admit that it may be every bride’s (and groom’s) worst nightmare to face rain on their wedding day. Or on their rehearsal day. And, yes, on the day that they’ve scheduled to take engagement photos.

Especially when you’ve only got ONE chance to get those pre-big-day photos. This was the case for Olivia and Billy – one of the cutest couples we know, but in from New York City for this one last time before the wedding. It was our only shot, pun very much intended.

And you know what our favorite part about his couple was? There we were, in the square in downtown Decatur. It was raining literally ALL day. The sky was gray, dark and stormy, and even a little wind was threatening Adam’s set up. But these guys just grabbed an umbrella, linked arms and truly embraced the situation. (We’ll let their NYC time take credit for that flexibility).

The result? Adorable photos – Real, genuine, everyday life photos that make them look something similar to those Target commercials where everyone whistles in the rain and has an extra skip in their step.

In our opinion? It really just goes to show you that rain, snow, wind, or whatever element you’re facing on a photography day really plays second fiddle to the emotions we can capture on film. Those are the showstoppers. Those are the elements you’ll remember when you look back at those photos.

Proof? (And because we want to show off how cute they are) Here’s a handful of our favorites from this rainy day runabout in Decatur. Enjoy!

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