The Assembly of Excellence

There may be a few “i’s” in The Decisive Moment, technically.

But, if you’ve ever read about us, met us or heard how we work, you know that what comes with this brand, this reputation and this product is nothing short of a small, powerful army of hands, minds and camera work.

In short, our philosophy of teamwork is a little unique… In fact, we’ve adopted the idea of an elegant assembly line, admitting that we get things done faster and better when “we do what we do best, and let someone else do the rest.”

Coined by Jenn Linke, co-owner of TDM, she stands behind that motto, and as one of the creative leads behind the brand. In fact, we’re always introducing you to the photographers, bragging on our boys and girls who love to capture the moments of your lives and celebrations. But, once the couple drives off into the sunset (or sparkler smoke, or lavender dust, or what have you), only the actual photographer’s job is done.

So, meet the post-shoot team! This is the team who browses, edits, catalogues and masters your love story into slideshows, discs and albums of classic, timeless, (good) tear-inducing memories.

Meet Jenn | She is the co-owner of TDM, married to our cutie photographer Adam, and serving as your full-service concierge to the photography part of your big day. Basically, she is the brains behind the day-to-day. She meets with the brides and helps launch their journey towards fantastic wedding day coverage. She is a truly personal wonder woman, getting to know the bride and groom just so, able to match their taste and style to the perfect lead photographer, and even helps spike inspiration and enthusiasm for the big day. She’s like family from the first moment you meet her, and I can guarantee, that’s the kind of person you want in charge.





Meet Mel | Consider Mel as the person who knows you the best. She’s seen your good sides…. and, she’s seen your goofy side. She’s seen the way you look in soft, low evening light, or bright, sharp sunlight. She knows about the freckles that you can only see if you really stare in the mirror for awhile. And for those of you who are thinking twice about why this girl knows you so well, it’s because she’s the all-star editor of all things pictures here at TDM. She’s got an eye for the details that make your on-lookers (and you guys, for that matter) say, “wow!”





Meet Amber | So, Amber is pretty much our version of a best-selling author. As Dr. Seuss was to telling children’s stories, Amber is to telling love stories, with pictures. As the queen of album piecing, she pours over pictures, laughs and cries at the moments caught on film, and eventually creates a storyboard of fascinating photojournalism that relates your big day, over and over again.



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With over a decade of experience documenting wedding celebrations, they have built a legacy of creating timeless images for couples and families. The Decisive Moment is a team of seasoned photojournalists and curators who work together to deliver an exceptional experience.