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Scheduling out the day-of is an art. There’s hair and makeup, getting dressed, coffee (or champagne) touching up and, of course, socializing. And we’ll make sure to capture all of it. But, it’s also super important to make sure there is enough time for bridal portraits, family portraits and all of the fun and silly pictures you want. And, although our passion is in the style of unobtrusive photojournalism, we realize that those portraits are an important part of the process (and treasured photos for close friends and family). Make sure you leave enough time for the pic punch-list you’ve got in mind, and allow enough time for a bridal portrait, groom portrait and some shots as a couple.

So, how do you do it?

Jenn Linke offers the advice, “Having a schedule THAT YOU ACTUALLY FOLLOW is a huge benefit. It allows us to plan on where to be and how much time we take capturing the different parts of your day.”

Having a clear schedule also clues everyone else in on where they should be and what they should be doing, sometimes down to the minute on the big day. If you have a frantic schedule or you run late, some of the day’s most tender moments are sacrificed and won’t be immortalized on film.

Jenn explains, “Some of my favorite images are when a father sees his daughter for the first time.  It can be such a special moment to capture if done well. So, HAVE A PLAN!  We don’t want dad to wander in while you are frantically putting your veil on… we want you to be ready.  That way you can focus on dad when he enters the room to see his gorgeous girl as a bride! If you want that moment, be ready on time and then when dad arrives on time, wondrous things happen!”

A big secret to pulling off all of the photos you want? Having a planner do the schedule. Planners have an in-depth understanding of how long things take and where to cushion for extra time. They are also a great tool on the wedding day to keep the wedding party on schedule and remind them of when and where to be.
Here’s an example of a wedding day schedule that allows for everything the bride and groom want.
3:00 | Photographer arrives at ceremony venue to capture “getting ready” images
3:30 | Dress goes on and final touches are added / Dad gets a glimpse of his daughter
3:45 | Bridal portraits are taken, including shots with her bridesmaids and her immediate family
4:15 | First look takes place between the bride and groom
4:45 – 5:30 | Family and wedding party take pictures together (so everyone can go straight to the party after!)
5:30 | Bride and groom are tucked away as not to be seen by arriving guests, they relax and prep for the ceremony
6:00 | Ceremony begins
Of course, there are lots of exceptions. Every wedding and every family is different. Maybe the bride and groom don’t want to see each other before, maybe your venue won’t allow you to arrive this early, maybe your venue makes you leave right away. You can use this version as a starting point and work with us, or your planner, to customize it exactly the way you want.

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