A Parish-Perfect Rehearsal Dinner

Want to know something new about us? We absolutely love shooting rehearsal dinners!
I know, I know – it’s not what we promote day in and day out (long live the big day!), but here’s why it makes us so, so happy when we get to join the fun a day early…
Usually, the rehearsal dinner is the first time that everyone gets together on the wedding weekend. It’s a blend of lifetime friends, family and loved ones from far away and the men and women of the wedding party, who are meeting for one big happy reunion.
Jenn Linke elaborates, saying, “The casual atmosphere and the anticipation of the coming events create unmatched energy on that first night. It’s also a great way for us to hone in on who the key players are and get to really know the couple from the perspective of their closest friends and family. We’re talking about the toasts (or roasts, depending on the crowd and the couple). Those little stories from life before the big day give us awesome insight and are equally as awesome to capture on film.
Maury and Ed’s rehearsal dinner at (the absolutely delicious) Parish Restaurant in Inman Park was one of our favorites to be a part of.  The location was fantastic, the couple was amazing and the toasts ranged from heartfelt blessings to hilarious childhood stories that left everyone in stitches. Enjoy perusing!

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