Roswell Mill Wedding Ranks High in Romance

Bride and Groom sharing intimate moment at a Roswell Mill WeddingReady for just about the most perfect example of lovebirds that there is?
Meet these two – Carly and Nick, who met, loved and eventually married under the absolutely adorable-ness of Roswell Mill. Not only is our entire team here smitten with their chemistry, and inspired by their celebration, but they’ve quickly become one of our most favorite couples of the year!
In fact, our own Jes McGowan (the photographer) agrees, adding, “They are just too cute and lovey with each other. Nothing about the day felt contrived. It was totally focused on them getting married and every second there was another beautiful moment to capture because they were just themselves and didn’t worry about anything else.”

Jes also fondly remembers Carly getting ready and literally squealing with delight when she put her veil on. Her dad came in with a huge smile on his face and tears in his eyes.  “I couldn’t help but tear up during this special moment…..and that doesn’t usually happen to this photographer!”

Carly and Nick were traditional in the fact that they did not want to see each other before the wedding, but Carly asked to pray with Nick prior to the ceremony. He came down to a doorway in the bride’s room and they proceeded to sweetly chat about the day and their future together.

“They prayed together and thanked God for each other and the beautiful day,” Jes says. “I was the only other person there and felt like I witnessing a magical and deeply personal moment of true love and devotion. I have a lot of couples say that God is first in the ceremony, but this couple really put their faith in the forefront of the day.”

The reception was reminiscent of a Pride and Prejudice theme, dotted with spectacular florals from Chelsea Floral Designs.  The crowd tried their hand–well, feet–at English line dancing, which made for really fun photos. But what stood out most through the dancing, the laughing and the hugging was that Carly and Nick stayed close and cuddly with each other the entire time. And it was was contagious! Jes says, “Everyone had smiles on or tears of joy in their eyes. Except me–since I had both tears during the day and left with a smile on my face.”
So, without further ado – check out some of our favorite moments from this adorable couple. Congrats to Carly and Nick!

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