Meet Mr. Decisive, Himself – Adam Linke. Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

Adam Linke – Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

With our team of photographers, you have the luxury of choosing exactly who you want to follow you around and document your big day. You can see pictures they’ve taken, watch wedding slideshows they’re responsible for and, of course, you can find out the ins and outs via word-of-mouth.

But, because we specialize in being decisive (and obviously throwing caution to the wind when it comes to the risk of being cheesy with a pun), we wanted to give you a more, up close and personal, “behind-the-lens” view of who this seriously talented sharp shooter, Adam Linke, is.

How did you get into shooting? | Photography sort of chose me. I had been an actor for ten years in New York City and had a deep interest in studying people and how they interacted. I had always been a hobby shooter but found myself constantly drawn to the other side of the camera when working on set.  I was also searching for a way to evolve in my career but maintain my creativity as an artist. Photography, and ultimately, Wedding Photography was the answer. All of my experience lends to my style of photography — documenting the feelings and emotions that make a moment timeless.
And here’s how fate played a part…  Adam’s NYC apartment was just a floor below a well-known photography studio in the city.  Adam found himself sharing the elevator with this pro on a daily basis, leading to a flood of questions in no time.  First it was just a simple trade of information, but soon, the studio owner began to mentor Adam about photography in exchange for an introduction into the world of digitalization and photoshop. The result? A joint company that focused on Actors and Models.
Then he got married. Knowing they wanted to start a family and someday live in a space that was larger than 705 sq. feet, Adam and Jenn packed up and made the move to Atlanta.
Amidst relocating to Atlanta with his sweetie, Jenn, fate took yet another turn. Jenn began working with Lacour Photography and their newest venture, The Decisive Moment. The owners of Lacour (one of the the top 10 wedding photography companies in THE WORLD) took Adam under their wing. He fell in love with their documentary style as it married his two passions–photography and the study of people and their emotions.
Why is your style different from “the other guys?” | I think everyone has a different eye. My approach to wedding photography came from the point of view of observing human behavior and anticipating those pivotal emotional moments. That is really what I live for, and combining those strong moments and framing them in great composition, equals a truly great image.


Adam has quickly become our most in-demand photographer at The Decisive Moment, as people recognize his ability to  capture real emotion with a keen eye for light and composition. Over the last few years Adam has travelled all over the country speaking and educating photography companies on topics ranging from workflow to postproduction and albums to photo books.


We can’t help but ask… What has been your favorite part of the wedding to shoot? | I don’t want to miss a single frame of the Father-Daughter Dance. It’s a very special moment in any father’s life, and with a little girl of my own, one that I hope to someday have as well.

What does the Linke family do when you’re not shooting? | We’re spending time together. That’s really important to me. I have three exciting kiddos with my wife, Jenn, and we try to make it a priority to take time as family. Plus, I love working with my wife. We’ve worked together for the last eight years and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wife Jenn will also tell you that he is an avid wake boarder, hockey player, occasional tennis stud and their own family master of The Big Green Egg.

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With over a decade of experience documenting wedding celebrations, they have built a legacy of creating timeless images for couples and families. The Decisive Moment is a team of seasoned photojournalists and curators who work together to deliver an exceptional experience.