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Jason Seagle | Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist

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You’ve heard about the many folds of talent that exist within The Decisive Moment’s team of photographers. What you may not have heard about is exactly how deep their skill sets go, and how  their behind-the-lens passion projects stretch way beyond our U.S. border. Our team at The Decisive Moment is so fortunate to work with this amazing group of talented photojournalists. Their knack for creating beautiful storytelling images keeps them in high demand, not only for our weddings but also documenting stories for newspapers, magazines and much more! One of those “much mores” is Jason Seagle’s involvement with the project  Vayando! Vayando keeps Jason (an Atlanta native) traveling far and wide, allowing him to take his creative goodwill overseas and meet handfuls of fascinating people who shared his love for gaining a direct connection with the locals everywhere he went. Now, as a part of Vayando (a play on the Spanish word, “to go”), he takes that human interest a step farther, offering tourists the chance to immerse themselves deeper into the local culture and its economy. So, as tourists look for sideline activities during their one-of-a-kind Gorilla Tours in Rwanda, or as an add-on to their West African Safaris, they can book intimate itineraries with local entrepreneurs for a seriously up close and personal look at real life.

We love Jason’s passion and commitment to this amazing humanitarian project!  In support of his work, The Decisive Moment will donate 5% from each of Jason’s 2014 wedding packages to Vayando.

His pending travels often impact his availability but we are thrilled that Jason will be in Atlanta through October and is now accepting weddings for many of our previously sold out dates! Take a peek at his gorgeous work below and we would love to talk further about having him document YOUR story!

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More about Vayando…

Vayando is a community-driven tool connecting travelers with micro-entrepreneurs in emerging economies around the world. We promote households that have interest and motivation in sharing local knowledge, activities, experience, and skills with those visiting their area. Travelers get a homegrown experience while local entrepreneurs gain opportunity to build their own small business.

“It’s an online platform for curious travelers,” Seagle says, describing the project’s ultimate purpose. “We look to connect the local person and their economy to interested tourists, which helps improve their life through small-scale business development.”

For example, schedule a day at the textile market with local seamstress Mama Claudie. She’ll sketch out a custom design, take you shopping for the perfect fabric and make it for you at her shop, all in a day’s work. For the get-your-hands-dirty type, you can visit Sylvestre the beekeeper on his bee farm. Tourists can do everything from coffee farming to painting to basket weaving and more. Bottom-line, Seagle has years of amazing experiences he’s itching to share with fellow travelers – and by sending these travelers to these local businesses, those entrepreneurs increase their own livelihood (hopefully, in time, ten-fold).

You can read so much more about the start-up of this project online here, or hop over to the Vayando Facebook Page to read stories of the business owners who have open arms to welcome you into their own version of a buzzing economy.


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