Lighting a Fire with I Do’s and Loved Ones

0094_al0061Some of our favorite weddings end up being the ones we get to jump in on at the last minute – which is the case with bride and groom Shelley and Stephen. They planned a celebration with just two weeks until Stephen, a Gainesville fireman, would ship off to start basic training. So, the two had to whip up the I Do details pretty quickly.
With Jason Getz now a part of The Decisive Moment team, Shelley and Stephen snatched him up to shoot their big day. They chose us because, as Shelley said, “I love your style of photography and the emotion that you capture. I feel like you can really relive someone’s wedding through your photography, focusing on what’s important without being distracted by the background.”
We received an equal treat on the other side of the lens, as this creative couple brought unique, fire-related elements to every bit of the celebration. The couple cut their cake with an axe (holy awesome!), every fireman in attendance donned their hats for a picture, the ring bearer’s pillow is made of old bunker material and the bride even had her closest friends (outside the wedding party) sporting significant colors.
Here are a few of our favorite moments, captured by Jason. But, if you’re like us and totally smitten by the smoke-stifling duo’s love story, see the entree slideshow here.

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