So happy to be back for a Charleston Wedding at Middleton Place!

Charleston Weddings, Plantation Wedding

A Charleston Wedding at Middleton Place

Vista + Clifton

Oodles of Southern Style at Middleton Place



Vista + Clifton a Middleton Place, Charleston, SC Wedding

Vista + Clifton a Middleton Place, Charleston, SC Wedding

I love a Charleston Wedding, I really really do.  The spanish moss, the sprawling Oak trees, the grandiose style of an antebellum home – I can’t get enough of it!  It might be a touch of nostalgia since I was born in Charleston but regardless, Charleston weddings make me swoon.

Vista and Clifton’s Middleton Place wedding had every ounce of the southern charm this girls loves and then some and I CAN’T WAIT to share it…. but I have to.  No really, I have to wait patiently while fabulous things like honeymoons, work and travel schedules align for me to let the bride and groom see things FIRST.  I know, it’s an old fashioned idea to be patient and share a couple’s wedding images for the first time in person but thats what we do.  (whenever possible)

So until I can share more of this gorgeous fete that shows off the talents of the fabulous Christopher Confero and delightful Scoobie West I hope you enjoy this teeny sneak peek – and yes we let them see them before you. 😉



Charleston Weddings

The New Mr & Mrs at Middleton Place, Charleston SC

Charleston Weddings

Middleton Place, Charleston SC

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