Finding JOY in the Pause….

Bride and Groom having a special moment


Did you know life has a pause button? Neither did we….

I don’t know that any of us can truly grasp what the last couple weeks has changed in our lives. I know that a week ago I felt like I drew a ‘move back ten spaces card’ in this little game of life! All the plans we thought we had, events we were supposed to document, income we were supposed to receive and trips we meant to take disappeared in front of our bewildered and confused eyes. As is the case for many, this is a scary and uncertain time for us, our photographers and staff. How do we take care of each other, our families and the people that mean so much to us and our business? We are figuring it out…one step at a time – as we wait for decisions to be made, bills to be passed and help to arrive. In the meantime, we are focusing on the positives and focusing on what we CAN DO in this time.

There is a big part of me that is thankful for this pause, even though the reason for it is terrible. We are spending time AT HOME with our loved ones. We are focusing on our kiddos, learning to be better teachers, chefs, homemakers and business owners in this weird twist of fate. So far we have the fortune of good health, food on our table and a roof over our heads – we have much to be thankful for.

So, as I adjust my mindset for the next few weeks or months I’m going to take this opportunity to reflect on the gorgeous celebrations that we are so blessed to document! I am excited to celebrate each of our photographers and their beautiful work! I truly can’t wait to show off the work of so many incredible colleagues that make each event shine. The amazing planners, designers, florists, make-up artists, dressmakers, cake bakers and more. I’m also looking forward to spending a few minutes reconnecting with the gorgeous celebrations of clients that have become friends. I am so thankful they allow us to share the stories of their wedding day and allow us to relive so many special moments with them.

I hope you will take a pause to enjoy some beautiful images, let yourself be a little distracted and maybe refocus with us as we give more energy to finding some joy in this down time.

Wishing you all health, perseverance and joy.

Jenn & Adam Linke


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