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Leave the Camera Work to the Professionals

Ever wonder why wedding day photography is such a big deal? Other than the fact that these guys (and gals) bring lots of equipment, is there really a difference in waiting for their shots, over the ones you could snap on your iPhone? Let’s talk about it. A bride and a groom hire a photographer–a...

The Timeline

Scheduling out the day-of is an art. There’s hair and makeup, getting dressed, coffee (or champagne) touching up and, of course, socializing. And we’ll make sure to capture all of it. But, it’s also super important to make sure there is enough time for bridal portraits, family portraits and all of the fun and silly...

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With over a decade of experience documenting wedding celebrations, they have built a legacy of creating timeless images for couples and families. The Decisive Moment is a team of seasoned photojournalists and curators who work together to deliver an exceptional experience.