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We are so blessed at The DM to work with Jean Shifrin. I am continually amazed by her talent, her passion for people and her heart. I think the images below illustrate why I feel this way – the emotion she captures in her work is so intense! Here is the story behind her latest amazing journey!

Earlier this year, I made my third trip to India to document the work of Rising Star Outreach, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to eradicate the scourge of leprosy in India and to improve the lives of those who are affected by it. RSO is committed to not only wiping out the disease, but to helping leprosy-affected people live with dignity and achieve self-sufficiency. This time I traveled with freelance writer Bill Osinski. Together we are working on a book about the amazing work of Becky Douglas, founder and president of RSO, and her counterpart in India, Padma Venkataraman. The work of these two women, along with hundreds of dedicated volunteers, is changing the lives of many leprosy-affected adults and their children living in southeastern India. The coffee table book will be published, hopefully this Fall, by Indigo Press. It’s hard to describe what life is like in India if you haven’t experienced it for yourself. The sights, sounds and smells are unique and unforgettable. But the one universal constant is the children – and like children everywhere, they are beautiful and just want to be loved and have a chance at life. Here are a few images from my most recent trip. That’s me with the elephant. To learn more about Rising Star Outreach, please their website at

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