What an incredible summer!

We are having an incredible summer here at The Decisive Moment! There are so many things to catch up on as I have been a very delinquent blogger! The best way to recover is just to dive in so here goes!

We are so flattered and thrilled with some of the comments from our recent brides! We can’t wait to share their thoughts and some snippets from their beautiful weddings!!

Holly & Grant

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The Decisive Moment did an amazing job on our wedding package- from coordination to our wedding day through finalizing our wedding album! I cannot say enough good things about Adam and Jes- they are very, very talented and easy to work with. We hardly noticed they were there through during the ceremony and reception, and yet they were right there capturing the best moments of the best day of my life! This is exactly what we were looking for in a photographer- the photos are artistic and beautiful and have given us perfect
memories of this most special day. Thank you!
Holly & Grant

Christina & Mark

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I would ABSOLUTELY recommend The Decisive Moment. They FAR surpassed my expectations. The pictures were amazing. They captured everything from slight glances during the ceremony, to a happy tear on my mom, to all the crazy dancing at the reception. They were amazing!!

Thank you both so much for your sweet words! We are thrilled that you love your images!!

Jenn Linke
Studio Manager
Delinquent blogger

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