Amanda + Dex | BOLD Makes A Beautiful Wedding

One of our favorite aspects of being a part of Atlanta’s wedding industry is working alongside some of the coolest creative brains that there are. In this case–the case of the fabulous romance between Amanda and Dex–it’s with the team at BOLD American.

This couple needed a one-of-a-kind group of vendors to pull off something that would come close to displaying their one-of-a-kind love story. The duo is so much fun, a little bit silly and with their eclectic group of friends and family, they all just want to have a really good time.

Amanda said up front, “I want to be able to communicate fun and laughter through the photos.” That’s exactly why she chose Lead Photographer Adam Linke to capture those emotions. She loved how “raw” and “simple” his work was–and that’s how she wanted to remember her own big day.

Meanwhile, she gave us a pretty phenomenal canvas to work with–the BOLD team, lead by Kristine Finke, dripped this celebration in deep purples, warm candlelight, fun pops of black and white and even made the reception mimic rocking concerts of past. In our opinion, they’re seriously one to beat when it comes to creative, amped up event decor.

Here’s a few of our photographer faves:

Venue: King Plow Arts Center

Coordinator: A Big To Do Event

Florist/Caterer: BOLD American

Make-up: P3 Lab

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Atlanta, GA


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