The Decisive Moment Adds New Photographer | Jason Seagle

TDM Fans — We are (ridiculously) proud to announce that photographer Jason Seagle is the newest Primary Shooter to join our team! Its never an easy task to add new dimension to a well-oiled machine like our group, but sometimes the chemistry is just undeniable. And, in the case of course, the talent.
When we first started up chats with Jason, he was in shooting in South Sudan. Every so often, we’d get absolutely AMAZING images of the refugees living there, we’re talking National Geographic-worthy. Stunning. His work was out of this world and there was no doubt we LOVED it; but deep down we had to wonder, does this in any way, shape or form equate to being able to document a wedding? Can we go from the desert to the altar without losing the essence of either?
Ultimately, the answer was yes (or, duh!). The Decisive Moment is about capturing emotion, and if a shooter can translate the pure, raw and innocent emotions that flash in an instant across a refugee’s face, we know he can catch that split second when a groom sees his bride for the very first time.
“I got my first camera (a Polaroid 600) when I went off to summer camp in about the 3rd grade,” he says. “And I absolutely fell in love with it as a way to tell a story.”
“I’m a sentimental person and have always had an emotional connection with photographs. I get a lot of personal satisfaction in producing a good image and have always believed that it’s the story or moment behind the image that matters.”
Sound familiar, TDM followers?
And now, here we are after almost a year shooting with the TDM team, with Jason delivering fabulous image after fabulous image (and they’re still fabulous, now). So, sign, sealed and delivered – we’re adding Jason to our resume of prime picture takers! Check out the slideshow of the work he’s done for us so far, below… a warning, you may have to remind yourself to shut your mouth…

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