Sarah + James – A Sophisticated Soiree

We have to say it – how perfect is it for a half British wedding to take place in a setting named Dunaway Gardens? Something about that just has the perfect ring to it, don’t you think?

It had the perfect execution and result as well. Fun, cheeky couple Sarah Powell and James Minnerman chose this outdoor amphitheater as the place for their nuptials. The wide, open space and large grounds were perfect for this fete, especially since the entire crowd came in from out of town to celebrate the couple.

Jes McGowan says that’s the best crowd to have at a wedding, because it’s so evident in the pictures how happy everyone is to be there, cheering on two people that mean something to every single one of them.

Specifically, Jes says, “I really enjoyed when James and Sarah danced together and all their friends sang to them. Besides James being really sweet to Sarah, [everyone was] incredibly sweet surrounding them. It made for some great moments to capture and watch through the lens.”

Being the one behind the lens at Dunaway Gardens is a big perk. It’s a beautiful open-air setting that shoots perfectly on a great day, making everyone look pretty fabulous.

Jes adds, “Honestly, couples look their best on the wedding day so I don’t have to “make” them look good. I just have to make them relax. And usually the couple is glowing anyway, just from the excitement of the day.”

We’ll always remember this glowing groom, because as Jes admitted, the hardest part about shooting them was getting him when he wasn’t talking.

“He’s got a story about everything,” Jes says. “He was absolutely my most memorable part of the wedding. Probably the goofiest guy, but so much fun and you could tell that he really adored Sarah.”

It’s the memories like that that define what The Decisive Moment is all about – the real memories, of the real emotions that last way past the night’s celebration. In fact, in many cases, it’s the stories you end up telling your kids, and their kids. We’re just happy to help memorialize them.

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