2012 – The Year Through Our Lens

It’s totally acceptable to think that deep inside the brains of our photographers, there rests no distinction between so-and-so’s rustic outdoor fete and the other guy’s glammed up ballroom bash–but you’d be wrong.

A The Decisive Moment, every single wedding provides stills of memories that stick with our guys and gals forever. The big reason for this is the ability this group has to capture the true essence of a celebration. They’ve got a laser focus on emotion and an appreciation for expressions that go (way) beyond saying, “cheese.”

Because of that? We’ve got (in our humble opinions) what we believe is an amazing collection of wedding day moments from last year. We’re talking about the moment the groom saw his blushing bride for the first time–and the tears, the joy and the overwhelming sense of pride that read all over his face. We also love showing off the tender exchanges between Father and Daughter (or Mother and Daughter), the nervous energy amongst the groom and his groomsmen before the ceremony, and then of course the look in the bride’s eye when she sees herself in the mirror before going to meet her groom.

To be cliche for just a minute, it really is the little things that matter. Adam Linke says, “The moment your subject poses, the true emotion is removed from the image. The memory of that image will always be, ‘I remember smiling at Adam for that shot.’ When we capture a moment unaware, we preserve the true experience from your day–What you were feeling and experiencing rushes back in when you see that image.”

Those are the memories you want when you’re looking at photos ten-plus years down the road.

CLICK HERE to enjoy our favorite moments, captured on film from 2012. Sneak preview below!



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