A House Divided Makes Love Unrequited

When we met Dana and Tyler for the first time, we didn’t even have to ask them if they were excited about tying the knot. Aside from being one of the cutest couples we’ve had the pleasure to shoot, they’ve got the personalities to match. With a fun-spirited collegiate competition between the two of them (he’s a UGA baseball alum and now a UGA football coach, she’s a Tech Alum), they’ve got good-natured way about them that seems cool, comfortable and utterly adorable. Plus, neither was too camera shy.

We wanted some fun pictures that we could use for save-the-dates, our wedding website and just to have,” Dana says about their decision to do an e-session. “I am a photo-fanatic (we have 1,000’s of pictures of the 2 of us over the past 6 years of dating), so doing an e-session wasn’t even a question! The more pictures, the better!”
But just taking pictures wasn’t going to do it for this duo. They needed the location to mean something too. And because they changed their original wedding venue from their parents’ house, choosing that for engagement pics was the perfect solution.
“When Adam first arrived, we walked him through the property, all the way back to the field by the river, which of course he fell in love with,” she explains. “When we were taking pictures, Adam encouraged us to just relax and be ourselves. It was fun to just chat and laugh together, and have Adam capture us in our natural element.”
Here’s a sneak peek at Dana and Tyler’s e-session, rivalries and scenery included. We can’t wait to see what the wedding will look like!

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