Paul and Rebecca Engagement

There aren’t a whole lot of things that spell out why we love living in the city more than a cool and clear summer night skyline. And when you’ve got a gorgeous couple owning a swoon-worthy love story, you’re pretty much living a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Or, in our case, shooting it.

Rebecca and Paul have a one-of-a-kind personality individually, but also as a couple. With Adam behind the lens for this session, the goal was to capture that essence, embellishing it with the feeling of their hometown.

“We loved working with Adam,” bride Rebecca says. “We felt confident that Adam would be able to capture our personality as a couple.  We wanted our photos to reflect our senses of humor and a little tenderness.”

The couple toured Adam within a 2-mile distance in their neighborhood, from city shots on the Jackson Street Bridge, to the natural sights of the city’s more rustic settings.

“Paul and I are doing our best to take every moment in and enjoy it,” she says. “We thought an engagement session would give us the opportunity for some great photos in a less formal setting than the wedding.”
Less formal indeed. Rebecca remembers her favorite moment (seconded by her fiancé) as just cutting up with Adam between (and during) shots. They both appreciated his sense of humor and that he willingly chatted with them the whole way through, making even those would-be awkward moments (i.e. the snuggling) easy.

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