Shaylee + Naveen | The Ritz Carlton Amelia Island!

Shaylee + Naveen | A Traditional Indian Wedding by The Decisive Moment

Shalee+ Naveen | Ritz-Carlton-Amelia Island

Shalee+ Naveen | Ritz-Carlton-Amelia Island

Infectious – that is my word to describe Shaylee and Naveen as a couple.  Here is an experiment, take a look through the images below and see what happens…. I’m pretty sure you will have a smile on your face too.  This fabulous couple is infectious from the moment you meet them, from their smiles to their positive spirit and their upbeat energy about life.  Needless to say, it was awesome to document this celebration and easy to see why they have such a devoted group of friends and family that just couldn’t help but celebrate these two! “I envision a very festive, party-like environment with lots of laughter and beautiful smiles,” the bride said, imagining what her beachside celebration would feel like. What we captured, showed that guests received an unmatched experience, steeped in culture and complete with a beautifully romantic story.

The lovely Jessica McGowan and our photo ninja Jason Seagle, made the trip to the beautiful  Ritz Carlton Amelia Island. The ceremony was a traditional hindu ceremony, complete with breathtaking, knock-out colors and intricate details.
“The couple had invited guests from all over the country, and the world.” Jes said. “Though they expected to have a beach view ceremony, the weather forced us inside. Not a chance it dampened this couple’s spirit though! There was a break in the rain and Naveen was able to drive and dance his way into the ceremony during the baraat. Thankfully, the weather was nice enough to get some images of Shaylee & Naveen down by the beach. It really shows their playful side as a couple.”
“I think Shaylee + Naveen’s favorite moment was during the rice ceremony,” Jes added. “I have never seen two people have so much fun dumping rice on each other!  Surely they were just ensuring a blessed and prosperous married life!” 😉
Rice Ceremony
“Our favorite part (recounted later by Jes) was the surprise choreographed dance by all of their friends. None of these 20+ group even live in the same place, but it proved how much you can learn on the internet.”
“That dance was just the start of an evening full of amazing food, dancing and celebration,” Jes said. “It was an awesome celebration to be a part of and an honor to document the love between these two genuine souls.”
“I appreciate candid photography tremendously,” Shaylee said, when we asked why she wanted us to shoot her big day. “I was struck by the amazing candid poses that you caught during one of my best friend’s weddings. I also appreciate an element of photojournalism, especially with all the rituals during a traditional hindu ceremony.”
We’ve gathered our own favorites from the day – Enjoy a sneak peek below!
Photography: The Decisive Moment’s Jessica McGowan and Jason Seagle

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