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East Meets West: A Blended Wedding Celebration | Karina + Sunny


We truly believe that the most unique and wonderful details you can bring to a wedding are things that reflect you!  Your heritage, your culture, your beliefs, hobbies and interests – everything that has brought you to this moment and everything that makes you, uniquely YOU!  A celebration that brings together two unique cultures makes for a truly beautiful and special celebration – that is really fun to photograph!  In Karina’s words it was  “two cultures that came together and became one.”

Karina and Sunny incorporated their unique heritage into two celebrations, a traditional Indian baraat, milni followed a grand celebration full of dancing and fun, and a Western wedding on Ventana’s beautiful rooftop followed by a stunning reception! Melissa loved documenting these gorgeous celebrations and all of the delicious details!

For Sunny’s baraat (or traditional Indian groom processional), he rode a white horse to travel to Upstairs Atlanta accompanied by his family members. We love how this tradition honors the grooms arrival and family! Learn more about it below!

This first evening of celebration certainly started everything off with a bang!  The bride and groom were seated in front of a gorgeous flower wall created by the ever fabulous Andy Beach! It was a fabulous night of dancing, eating delicious food by Cafe Bombay & Rumi’s Kitchen and celebrating.

The wedding day at Ventanas honored western traditions with a beautiful catholic ceremony overlooking the Atlanta skyline! Karina made her own stunning entrance dressed in her breathtaking white gown.  Her bridal bouquet was created with roses, peonies and orchids, once again by Andy Beach. The ceremony and reception were flanked with modern center pieces featuring orchids , garden roses, spray roses, peonies .

Sunny and Karina were a joy to photograph and such delightful clients.  We love that their celebration was such a beautiful reflection of who they are and where they both come from.


Learn a little more about a Baraat:  “When the Baraat procession arrives at the wedding venue, the bride and her family meet them for the Milni.  Here relatives from both sides meet their counterparts on the other side and shake hands and hug.  This usually begins with the fathers, then the mothers, then proceeds to the siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  The Milni symbolizes the merging of the two clans. From there, for Hindu and Sikh weddings, the bride’s family, usually the bride’s mother, performs an Aarti over the groom’s family.”  

“The Baraat is very much the jumpstart for the wedding day – it begins the celebration with excitement, singing, dancing, and laughter and carries the groom right up to the ceremony.  If done right, it can set the tone for the whole day so make sure you have all the fun you possibly can!” (http://thebigfatindianwedding.com/2014/the-baraat-indian-wedding-rituals)

Photographed by Melissa Bugg

   | Decisive Moment Photography by Melissa Bugg |

Her Style

| Wedding Rings by Regal Jewelers | Wedding Dress designed by Made with Love, from Lovely Bride | Shoes by BHLDN | Hair & Make-Up by Kevin Underwood & Robby Anglin, Salon Kru, and Recon, Soeren Salon | Bridesmaids Dresses by Jenny Yoo, Bella Bridesmaids |

Wedding Style

| Ceremony & Reception Venue – Ventanas | Catering by Ventanas, Cafe Bombay & Rumi’s Kitchen | Wedding Cakes by Sweet Details | Decor & Flowers by Andy Beach | Entertainment by Amati Chamber Music & DJ Bobby | Invitations by Alexandria Tobia | Videography by Nalage Diaz |

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